Mood Music

So, the post I wrote on November 2nd is saying I posted it on the third. This is simply not true. It wasn’t even very late when I published it. I’m doing fine so far on the posting thing and yet my computer is conspiring against me. Oh well.

Rosalind’s three favorite Pandora stations right now, at least when I am playing the music for her, are Madonna, Cyndi Lauper, and 50’s Rock and Roll. It turns out pop music from the 50’s and 80’s has a direct link to a 4 year old’s pleasure centers. At least, that is my hypothesis. It’s highly scientific, based entirely on the number of times I am asked to play Girls Just Wanna Have Fu-un. It’s a nice break from The Fox or The Gummy Bear Song. Both of which I once found entertaining but no longer do. Kids will do that to you.

All three of these stations work well for me right now, as we tend to listen to them on the way to school. They are all upbeat and I know all the words, so they help me feel more awake for work. They leave her in a good mood before drop-off. It’s a win-win. Except today when I heard Thriller and realized I was driving faster to match the beat. Brains are weird things.

On a strange little sidenote, since the death of Lou Reed last week we have been listening to a few of his songs once in a while. Mostly because of Sergio. In fact, Rosalind’s taste in music with her father leans much more toward the melancholy or angsty. One of the songs she particularly likes is Take a Walk On The Wild Side (neither melancholy or angsty). Who wouldn’t? It’s catchy. However, I hadn’t heard it in a while and forgot about the chorus and what kind of girls say, “do do doo”. Luckily for us, Rolo desperately wants to move to Colorado. And according to Rosalind, the Colorado girls say, “do do doo.” A change I appreciate.

*I should note that I am not being an overly politically correct liberal about this song. Nothing need be changed for my delicate sensibilities. I just don’t want to have to explain to people why my 4 year old keeps repeating the words, “and all the colored girls say” out of context in 2013. She provides me with enough damage control already. Like yesterday when she asked if the acne suffered by our barista was the chicken pox. Possibly within earshot of the barista, but let’s just pretend nobody heard her and rush out the door.

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