I Almost Forgot Already!

I fully expect to fail at this posting thing, but I thought I would do better than the second day! Phew, I remembered just in time! Now…what to say? It would help if I had some stored up information to share for this month, but I’m as blank as ever.

One of my favorite things about living in Fayetteville is trick or treating on Washington Street and the surrounding areas. Rosalind hasn’t yet graduated to going down LaFayette as well because her bucket is plenty full after just Washington. I love it because the street looks like it belongs in a movie. And because people are welcome from all over town to park at the Marvin’s and go door to door. I love it because the residents of the street sit out on their porches so there is no guessing which houses will welcome Halloween participants. When the weather is a little cool and the leaves are turning colors and you manage to beat the crowds by a half hour, it just doesn’t get any better.

Since it had rained between 3 and 5 a lot of people got a later start this year, but we were there at six with many other Rolo aged kids. In fact, the first child we ran into was the girl version of Rosalind’s costume. If you are unfamiliar with Adventure Time, I will fill you in a bit. Finn is the main character. A 12 year old boy. In the show, the villain writes fan fiction about Finn and creates a girl version named Fionna. Rosalind could not have been more thrilled to see Fionna. We ended up walking with them quite a bit. Every person under the age of 20 knew exactly who the girls were, but most everyone over 35 called them bunnies. We also saw another Finn later and Rosalind waved like a crazy person at them, and BMO, another character from the same show. I will say that Rosalind’s costume was very popular among all teenagers we encountered. It threw a lot of adults for a loop when they would call her a boy and Rosalind would respond that she was a girl. They got very embarrassed even though we assured them that she was dressed as a boy and their assumption just meant that her costume was a success. They remained embarrassed and apologetic. Come on, people! It’s Halloween! The point is to dress as whatever suits your fancy. Why can’t little girls dress like boys without throwing on a tutu to assure people of the correct gender? Silly.

Diatribe aside, trick or treating was fantastic. Then we came home and since we live in a bit of neighborhood now, we actually got our own trick or treaters. Rosalind was just as thrilled to hand out candy as she was to receive it. If you came to our house you were amply rewarded with handfuls of candy because we were so happy to have people come by. All in all, Halloween 2013 was a total success and a good reminder of the things we love about this town.

photo (1)

Oh, right! We got a lot of teenagers at our door, which is fine. However, in at least one group most of the kids chose not to get candy but instead just sort of shimmied around and danced. It was…odd. My students informed me the next day that many of their friends chose to “twerk or treat” instead of trick or treat. So there’s that. In case you did not get to experience this phenomenon yourselves.

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