Here Goes Nothing.

It’s that time of year when I try to post everyday in November and then I fail every single time, but I just keep trying anyway. I have no time right now and I found this old post that I never published. So here you go. A post from like three or four weeks ago. Except it’s more of a postlet. Itty bitty. And pointless. Enjoy.


Since I’ve got a few free minutes I figured I should post something. This week has been very hectic for me, because this entire school year has been very hectic for me. My job is like a normal job now. I have meetings all the time. Like all the time. I juggled two lunch meetings two days in a row. And we’re not corporate here so lunch is a set 40 minute occasion in which you hold your plastic bag of leftovers through hallways and edit documents with colleagues all while youths complain that your food stinks. And I got to do it twice a lunch twice in a row. And then always an after school meeting as well, and periodically PD training during prep periods or staff meetings before school. It’s like nobody in this school recognizes that at least half of teachers become teachers because you get to work mostly alone and curl up in your cave classroom by yourself all the time and not deal with people. Sheesh. Get it together, job!
And Sergio also worked. I won’t even go into the crap level of his job at times. It beats mine and everyone’s by a mile, but does not lend itself to humor at all. Get a funnier job, Sergio!
Rolo had a parent/teacher conference last week. It went well, but of course she had decided to experiment with hitting her classmates just a few days before the meeting. They weren’t concerned in the least. We were. Sergio and Rosalind are both on a “play fighting” time-out.
Our friends had a gorgeous baby girl last Friday and she doesn’t exist at the Federal level until the government reopens. The only mildly entertaining thing to come out of the government shutdown.
Wow. Well. I guess that’s it. I’ll post some pictures or something.

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