Happy First Day of Fall and Other Important Happenings.

Sergio turned 31 on Sunday. We had people over to sit on our big red couch and eat junk food. It was a pretty good time. In honor of him being firmly IN his thirties with the rest of us, here are 31 things about Sergio as written without his permission by his wife.
1. Sergio loves to watch youtube videos where people explain Lego builds or the collectibility of Hot Wheels. Like every night.
2. Sergio refuses to watch any television show that requires an emotional investment, but still loves ridiculously sad/romantic movies.
3. Unless the television show that requires an emotional investment is a cartoon, in which case he loves it beyond all reason. Example: the bee sting episode of Futurama. Or the dog episode of Futurama. Just Futurama in general.
4. Sergio is infinitely more fun as a parent than I am.
5. He wrestles or play fights with Rosalind nearly every day.
6. Sergio gets injured by Rosalind nearly every day.
7. Sergio is very impressed when Rolo is clever and she knows this, therefore Rolo takes advantage.
8. Sergio doesn’t wear deodorant.
9. Sergio thinks I will be a crazy hoarder if he dies first.
10. Sergio goes to Target with me just about every weekend because he knows I enjoy it, but doesn’t understand why. He goes anyway, which I appreciate.
11. All of Sergio’s red hairs in his beard have turned white.
12. Sergio buys Rosalind some sort of Lego item nearly every other day.
13. Everybody understands that they are as much for him as for her.
14. Sergio only wants to be at home after work. Suggesting we go out to dinner on a Wednesday is the equivalent of suggesting we amputate our pinky toes for funsies.
15. Now that he has developed a hobby of smoking meat on the grill, he would rather just stay home on the weekends as well.
16. Sergio talks in his sleep. Recently he frantically ordered someone not to eat the public defender soup. It tickles me.
17. When Sergio is worn down by his job, he watches A Few Good Men, To Kill a Mockingbird, or more recently, A Time to Kill.
18. Sergio and Rolo watch various videos at night. Because of this they have a few father/daughter renditions of some muppet songs, and he showed her his favorite scenes from The Dark Knight Rises. So she can do a pretty decent Bane impression now.
19. He likes playing Risk.
20. He loves his new bike.
21. He really, really loves Eliot.
22. He really, really, really loves his daughter.
23. I think he likes me okay.
24. Sergio likes to order water at restaurants with no ice.
25. And he likes his unsweet tea with only one sweet n low. No matter how much there is or how big the glass.
26. Sergio is always way ahead on new music because of all the podcasts he listens to. This makes me stay way more up to date with my students than I would on my own.
27. He currently has the chorus to the Miley Cyrus song “Wrecking Ball” stuck in his head.
28. Sergio hates the New England Patriots with a fiery all-consuming passion that I don’t fully understand but gladly support.
29. Sergio always carries a pen. You can always rely on him to have one. He is really specific about how a pen should feel in your hand and write on the paper.
30. Not to mention his complete obsession with how a drinking glass should be. It’s nearly impossible to find the right size, weight, and look for him. Usually when we do, it ends up broken.
31. Tonight Sergio is getting fried pork chops and brown gravy for dinner. This ranks only behind takeout Chinese and right alongside seared pork chops with polenta as his favorite weeknight meal.

Happy birthday, Sergio!

2 thoughts on “Happy First Day of Fall and Other Important Happenings.

  1. “A Time to Kill” IS a good movie! I might have to rewatch now. I learned lots of things about Sergio that I wasn’t already aware of; what a very informational post, Dawn. Haha!

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