Last Day of Summer

Boy, that was a quick summer! It’s amazing how fast it speeds by when you have plans to fill up your days. I am NOT really prepared to go back to work tomorrow. I feel like I just stepped out of the classroom a few days ago. I didn’t though, and we had a really full summer. Here’s a recap.

Rosalind attended three camps. First, Wild West Camp with the Trike Theater. Here she learned how to use her actor’s toolbox, how to focus, how to make a horse out of a sock and a stick, and so much more. She will definitely be doing this again next summer (different theme). Second, a week long soccer camp to help her get more comfortable with the sport. She loved this as well. I can’t say she’s showing any signs of being the next great soccer phenom, but I’m glad she liked the coaches and tried hard everyday. And finally, swim lessons. I guess this one wasn’t really a camp, but it felt like one. Rolo loves the water. She could stay all day.

She is also attending a three day mini-camp over the next few days for soccer. It’s the same group as before. Since she is going back to school tomorrow as well it doesn’t really count as a summer camp, but still.

We moved. Moving is always such a pain. We stretched it out over two weeks which was good and bad. Good because we didn’t have to rush and kill ourselves all in one weekend. Bad because it stretched out over two weeks and nobody likes moving enough to do it for two weeks. We are really enjoying the extra space. Rosalind loves the tub, her room, her playroom, and being able to draw with sidewalk chalk all over the deck and driveway. It’s nice for us to be able to host overnight guests and store all of our own stuff in our own garage. It’s also nice to have enough closet space for all of us and to have a living room big enough to hold a couch that can hold all three of us at once. If this place were located in our preferred area of Fayetteville it would be perfect. Unfortunately, it’s not. We do wish we were closer to downtown. But no big deal, it’s just a rental.

We went to England! I doubt I have to add much to that since I am writing those other posts that stretch and stretch. Only one left to go!

While we were in England Rolo stayed with both sets of grandparents almost six days each. She had a great time and apparently behaved pretty well. We worried for months that she would meltdown while we were gone but it was us who needed to get back to her by the end of the trip. She did fine.

We watched a LOT of Adventure Time as a family. I caught up on a lot of tv that nobody watches with me. Sherlock, anyone? I’m a little late to that game.

We swam at the lake a few times but never managed to canoe this summer. We crafted a bit but never tie dyed anything like I planned. We started out the summer strong on math and reading, but are mostly watching a lot of tv and playing Lego at this point.

And that’s about it. There’s other stuff because it was such a busy summer, but those are the broad strokes.
I know it’s time to return to school and that fall is a mere couple of months away because yesterday we bought a grill. I know. For most people this would mean the beginning of summer. Sergio is not most people.

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