The Most Matching Furniture We’ve Ever Had

Last weekend we added to our new furniture collection with a pipe side table. This one took more effort than the bookshelf because we had to make the table top thicker than the shelves and make sure it was all sanded smooth enough to be used as a table. We also went though a couple of different designs for the bottom part before deciding which way we liked it better. You’ll see that in the pictures below.

August 10, 2013 002
This is the first way we built the bottom piping, but decided it looked too chunky.

August 10, 2013 003
These three boards are not yet glued together or glued to what will be the table top. We used two alternating layers to achieve the thickness we wanted.

photo (45)
These two pieces are about to be clamped and will be the table top.

photo (44)

August 10, 2013 004

August 10, 2013 008
Finished table. You can see how we changed the configuration of the bottom. Less chunky.

photo (43)
A better picture of the finished table. When Sergio went to buy the materials and explained to someone why he needed what he needed, they commented that the little table would be strong enough to jump around on top of. Wanna guess what Sergio had each member of our family do when this table was all done? It is indeed strong.

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