Chop Chop

An England post cometh! Just not today. Still working through the laundry, taking books to the library before they are overdue, grocery shopping, and catching up on sleep. Until then, here is a little post on Rolo’s haircut.
She started asking for a cut about a month before we left for England. She would say she wanted it cut, but would then turn around and comment (oh so humbly) that she hoped people would tell her how pretty her long hair was. She often mentioned a goal of having hair like Rapunzel. So we waited. Her hair got even more unruly. I decided that if she was still bringing up a major hair reduction when we got home from our trip, we would do it.
Don’t get me wrong. I’m not overly attached to her hair or to any hair really. Nor do I want her to be. I have never understood when women say they cried when they got all their hair cut off. It’s HAIR! Highly renewable resource. At least for women. I just wanted to make sure Rosalind really understood what a big hair cut meant and didn’t get upset when she realized that it doesn’t come right back.
I don’t even think she made it to bed the night we got home before she had asked again if she could get her hair cut soon. When I asked how much she wanted cut off she showed me up to her chin. When I asked why she wanted it cut, she said she wanted it out of her face and to be able to scratch her back. So we went.
She was so excited when she was able to see the big cut at the side of her hair. And has remained so ever since. In fact, about two hours after her haircut she caught sight of herself in the play room mirror and audibly gasped.
Verbatim: “Oh, my hair looks AMAZING!”
And looking at the before and after pictures, I’m ashamed we waited so long to do it. She looked a little bit homeless before.








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