School’s (Almost) Out For Summer (in 31 Days).

I came to the horrifying realization this week that if I still taught seniors I would be done with them by the middle of next week. Instead I have to make it all the way to the 31st! Whine!
This is the part where everyone I know that isn’t a teacher rolls their eyes because I get a summer break. I get that. But still, it was nice to teach seniors while it lasted.

Anyway, I am pretty stoked for summer this year. I think Rosalind is at a perfect age to be a lot of fun and easy to entertain. Our friends have a house on the lake for us to enjoy, by which I mean house crash all the time totally uninvited because SWIMMIMG! And finally, Sergio and I are going to be spending two weeks in England and Wales for a friends wedding. There’s a lot to look forward to. I’m not particularly looking forward to the part where we decided to rent a car in Wales, but Sergio is so I guess it evens out. We’ve got almost everything planned and booked already. Just waiting on our passports, deciding which theater experience to enjoy, and figuring out exactly how many landmarks and attractions we can fit into our schedule. So the next 31 days (21 school days!) can just go ahead and slip right on by as quickly as you please. I’m ready to go!

Not that we’re going to England until the end of June, but you get the idea.

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