Already Looking Toward Summertime!

So Rolo has hit the age where camps are becoming available to her. This makes me happy, as I always slightly fear the summer because I’m afraid I won’t be able to keep her entertained. We are signing her up for a week long soccer camp in mid-July. It is run by the Fayetteville high school soccer coach? Maybe? I don’t know. But we chose the Grasshoppers session because it is supposed to foster a love of the game in the child. After her first attempt at league soccer, I would say this is where she needs the most work. Don’t get me wrong, she had fun. But we always had to vigorously remind her BEFORE each practice that it was going to be fun. And usually sweeten the deal with the promise of candy AFTER each practice. She’s just chock full of performance anxiety.
On a different front, I will say her bike riding has improved immensely! She started that with a lot of anxiety as well, but seems to be making a lot progress just realizing it’s fun to go fast. At least it is if you are on a perfectly flat and smooth piece of road. Hills are for suckers.
We’ve also reserved her a spot in swim lessons. The only slot left is near the very end of summer. This time we went with a privately owned family operation. We hear wonderful things. I think it will be good because I go in the water with her this time. And they work to get the new swimmers comfortable in the water instead of just straight up dunking them under. So it should be better this go-around. Fingers crossed!
I wrote most of that earlier today. Then I hung out with Rosalind all afternoon. You might be interested to know that a demon has entered her body. At least it better have. Her behavior tonight has been total rubbish and I would hate to think this is my daughter’s ACTUAL behavior. So this is one of those evenings that has me counting down the minutes until bedtime. Fifteen to go!

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