I Wrote This Post Last Week and Forgot to Publish It.

Last week was Valentine’s Day, which is one of those holidays that really gains back the magic when you have a kid. If that statement sounds weird to you then we probably view this holiday fairly differently. Television commercials tell me that Valentine’s is supposed to be magical for adults. I can’t say I’ve ever really experienced it that way. The sum total of my adult Val Day experience (all those occuring after the 5th grade, which was the last time I got to make my own mailbox and hand out tiny cards to my classmates) consists of:
-breaking up with my brand new 10th grade boyfriend three days before the holiday because I was mortified at the thought of
receiving a stuffed animal and flowers in front of people at school.
-Sergio sending me flowers 10 days after Valentine’s Day (we weren’t dating yet).
-a bunch of years of us deciding that we would just save up and celebrate our anniversary less than a month later.
Romantic, huh? So anyway, I may have missed the magical part of the holiday as adults go. But I totally love it as a kid’s celebration. Everything is red, pink, and purple! Everyone gets a tiny cardboard card with candy stuck to it! You spend one day of math time decorating old shoe boxes instead of doing the dreaded math! It’s lovely!
So last week Rolo and I made funfetti cupcakes on Sunday. She picked the flavor and the frosting. White. How exactly is White a flavor? Shouldn’t it at least say vanilla or something? Anyway, I dug deep into my crafty brain and decided to drop some food coloring in that frosting to tie our baking adventure into the holiday. We had some gorgeous pink and lavendar funfetti cupcakes. Rosalind proceeded to eat nothing but the frosting over the next three days and asked to play with the food coloring everyday for a week. Which we did. Science! Or maybe art!
Then came time for Rolo to decorate her tissue box for the school party. For some reason this was supposed to be accomplished at home. I had brief moments of thinking I would make something Pinterest-worthy. Then I decided I would let my child help and we had fun instead. And we all know I would never have made something Pinterest level anyway. We wrapped that sucker in some inside out candy cane wrapping paper, glued on some tissue paper hearts, drew all over it with markers, and plastered some stickers on the top. Rolo was pleased. She came home with it crammed full of itty bitty cards, candy, and two or three Valentine’s that proved some parents have more time and skill for Pinterest than I do!
The big moment of the whole shebang came later that weekend when we visited the grandparents and Rolo got to accompany her cousin Emma to her first Build-A-Bear experience! Rosalind hasn’t slept without her new punk puppy Ashley since she pumped her full of air and sewed a heart into her. Dr. Frankenstein for kids! But seriously, I love Build-A-Bear and would totally do it myself. Altogether a very successful holiday for Rolo. And for the record, Sergio got me a really nice gift that will come to pass in July. I got him some beer. It could be that Valentine’s Day lacks romance because of me!



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