Dog About Town

Eliot finally filled out a bit around his 7th birthday. You can’t really call him fat or anything, since he has the physique of a retired itty bitty greyhound, but he’s a bit braoder in general. Like an adult. I mention this only because he had finally outgrown the one and only collar he had ever had. The same collar we bought when he could fit in one hand. And I only mention that, because it means that he wasn’t wearing a collar or ID tags when he decided to follow a girl dog home the other night, frightening Sergio and I half to death.

I guess I could have also pointed out how he finally showed an interest in girls at the age of 8, but I like to think he’s just a baby. Evidence…yes he is asleep in my arms like a baby. Is this not normal?

photo (17)

This picture was taken after we got Eliot a spiffy new collar and tag so that if he decides to go off on another playdate sometime in the next 8 years, he will be more prepared. Despite the fact that he took months off of our lives, he just thought he went on a great adventure and clearly seemed baffled by why we came to pick him up from his lady friend’s house so early! He’s such a turd.

If you ever lose your dog, check Craigslist Lost and Found immediately. We could have saved ourselves hours of worry. Also, Facebook has a page called Arkansas Lost Dog Network. If I hadn’t found Eliot on Craigslist when I did, someone that saw my post on that sight found him about fifteen minutes after me. It’s a good page. There are LOTS of lost and found dogs in Arkansas. Constantly. The one silver lining is how nice and helpful people are when your dog is lost. The people that took Eliot in were super kind. They even texted us afterward and offered to pet sit because their dog liked him so much.  Of course, Eliot never gets to leave our sight again so it doesn’t matter. But it was still nice.

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