Hello and Goodbye

Hello again. It’s been a long time. I don’t think I’m really speaking to anyone, but it feels weird to completely abandon the blog without a mention. So, for posterity or whatever, here is the mention. I realized the other day that I had forgotten we had a blog. I think that’s as good a sign as any that the time for this blog has come and gone. Perhaps we’ll do a new one someday. One that has a purpose that needs more than the limitations of Facebook. I have thoroughly enjoyed the use of our blog over the past six years though and it deserves a proper sign off. If you would like to revisit any of the previous years, here is a link to the old site. So, what’s happened in six years?

We moved to Portland, Dallas, and back to Fayetteville.

Sergio attended and graduated law school.

He passed the bar.

He got two jobs, one of which he is currently performing.

I attended a graduate program and became a teacher.

I’ve gotten three jobs, one of which I currently perform.

We had a kid!

She’s pretty awesome.

She’s almost three and half now.

She can spell ROS.

I started this right before I turned 24. I’m thirty now.

Which is the magic age at which students stop thinking you are interesting and start thinking you are kind of embarrassing.

Sergio will be thirty on Saturday.

Eliot will be 8 in a month.

He has a LOT of white hair now.

One niece and one nephew were born during the course of this blog.

David is six.

Emma is four.

Samantha is 12, which is the age I was when I thought life was suckiest. She seems okay with it though.

Our mom’s went back to school. And finished.

Our Dad’s talked us through several car repairs over the years. Not to mention helping us roof a house once.

We bought and sold an old house and some land. I forgot about that.

A lot of our friends went back to school, got cool jobs, had kids, and then had second kids, and finally moved to neighborhoods with sidewalks like proper adults.

Some of our friends are starting to be affected by diseases you associate with adults. Nothing makes you feel simultaneously more grownup and childish than a discussion of cancer with your peers.

We have a great record of a lot of our life to show Rolo one day. She’ll see the stuff she wasn’t there for, where she began and where she was born and the time she rolled over and her parents were sleep deprived enough to make a director’s cut of it. One day when she’s old enough to find us embarrassing and out of touch, she’ll be able to see that we were once younger, adventurous, broke and sometimes naive. We had fits and starts and failures. I think that could be useful for her.

Thanks for joining us once in a while. We’ve really enjoyed it.

*Sergio doesn’t really allow pictures of himself anymore, so this is the best I can do. Just imagine him on the other side of the table taking an iPhone photo.

3 thoughts on “Hello and Goodbye

  1. I have really enjoyed the blog over the years, I will miss it. It has kept me informed and helped me be a little less lonesome for my children because I could read and reread posts and look at the pictures. Thanks for keeping it going for so long, the only thing is that now you will have to call more or possibly visit.

    Love Retha

  2. I agree with Retha. I am going to miss the blog. It kept me informed about you guys and I know I am a bit partial but Dawn you have a great talent for writing and the blog was always interesting, entertaining and fun to read. I think this will be a great gift for Rolo when she gets older. Thanks for sharing it with all of us.

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