Summer So Far

As silly as it sounds, I always get a little stressed out over the idea of summer. I drive myself nuts trying to figure out how to keep Rosalind entertained for two months at home without relying too heavily on the tv. I’ll go ahead and say that two weeks in I have already developed a tv day. Meaning that one day a week I give myself a break if she is watching too much tv so that I can clean or work or something. Anyway, I understand that it sounds whiny to say it stresses a person out to stay home with a 3 year old for two months when I get to sleep in, lounge around, play outside, etc. Doesn’t make it any less true though. 

So the first couple of days of summer I took Rosalind to the store and bought crafts, workbooks, art supplies, and anything that seemed like it might entertain her and keep her brain active. We have made dolls out of popsicle sticks, fuzz balls, and yarn. We have painted things, cut things, glued things, drawn letters, numbers, played educational computer games, you name it. And we’re pretty much done with or out of everything. 

So we go out! We’ve been to storytime. I am working out more than I have in a while because they have a good kid room she can play in for an hour with other kids and adult supervision. We go to the store, we have a rotation of all the parks. Sometimes we complete the rotation of parks in just one day. Soon we might be brave enough to try the city pool. When it gets hotter we will go to Boingo Bounce on toddler days. I also have to take her to cheer practice twice a week for two hours. She is quite good really, but no matter how good a 3 year old is at cheer practice, it’s still a bored 3 year old at cheer practice. 

That still leaves a lot of hours in the day. Yesterday I threw all of her legos, which are sticky, into some very bubbly water and gave her three colorful sponges. Is it wrong to disguise cleaning as water play? If it’s not wrong, it’s BRILLIANT! 

Every couple of days I make her help clean her room, where she discovers that she has TOYS! When did this happen? I could have sworn you people never gave me any toys! You mean they are just hidden in drawers and chests? Holy crap woman, let’s drag it all out to the living room and play! So while I love the independent play that cleaning her room causes, it feels very Sisyphean for me. I roll that stupid rock up the hill and she kicks it back down again. 

The weekends, on the other hand, have been awesome. Rosalind found her first attempt at organized swim lessons a bit traumatic. So my whole goal for the summer was to make her like swimming again. I need not have worried. We took her to Wild River Country with the family on our first swim outing, and it turns out she is not afraid of the water, and might be a bit too brave at times. Then we took her to the pool. She was thrilled to show us the stuff she had learned during swim lessons, she just didn’t want any of those pesky instructors making her go under. She’ll gladly stick her face in the water and blow bubbles, but still refuses a full dip. That’s fine for now. The paddling and kicking (with the aid of a noodle) are going…swimmingly. Snort. Shut up, I’m bored. 

Last weekend we strapped her into a life jacket, plopped her into a canoe, and took off down the Elk River. I had no idea how that would go. She LOVED it. She spent most of the time in Sam and Nikki’s canoe or begging to stop so we could play in the water and see the massive tadpole/half frogs, minnows, fish, or shooting the water guns that Nikki provided. So I don’t think we have to worry that she won’t be a swimmer or that she somehow hates the water. And I should admit that the funniest part for me was that after spending the prior weekend drilling it into her that we DO NOT pee in the water, she had a really difficult time understanding that maybe…it was okay to do so in the river. And if that grosses you out, we did try to teach her to pee on the riverbank, but that was impossible. 

And I guess that is about it so far. It’s only been a couple of weeks really. What’s next for Rolo? A trip to Granny’s! And while she is gone, I will sit and watch all the tv. Because I have no standards for myself whatsoever. 

One thought on “Summer So Far

  1. I think it sounds like you are having a wonderful time and you are doing a great job.
    Keep up the good work, I know she is loving spending time with mom.

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