Party Pictures and Such

This entire post is backward. I had wanted the pictures to be in the exact order that they are but viewed beginning with the bottom one. I decided it didn’t matter enough to start over again. Here are some pictures of Rosalind at three. She likes to play dress up and pose for pictures, as well as choose her own outfits, which explains the navy blue bow, sparkly silver shoes, pink and gray striped dress, and yellow and white striped shorts. The rest are from her birthday. We went to the zoo in the morning and had a birthday party after her nap. I made a tie-dye cake and the kids had a pinata and party favors to keep them entertained. The adults had baggo and basketball. I had a massive cold, so if anyone got sick from the food, I apologize. Otherwise, I was very pleased with the whole event and so was Rolo. Just for good measure, you can see some pictures of Rosalind on each of her birthdays at the bottom.














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