I am currently sitting in bed typing this on my new work laptop while Sergio sits next to me on my new work iPad. Rosalind is sitting in the kitchen eating chips and watching tv. We are a thoroughly modern family. The point, of course, is that I have fun new toys. It’s exciting. My iPad came with a cover/keyboard combo that makes it the tiniest most adorable laptop. I guess that is all I have to say about that. It’s nice to bring it home to do some work and then let Rosalind play matching games, or ant smasher or something. The downside is that she feels entirely confident in her mastery of the iPad and will not tolerate our trying to help her with it. Oh, speaking of…

Rosalind got my phone the other day and proceeded to push buttons while we didn’t pay attention and a few minutes later we heard a masculine voice over the speakers, “Hello?” After rushing to check we realized that Rosalind was smart enough to call her Uncle Daniel rather than, say, my boss. Phew. He told me he had been trying to get her to talk for a few minutes. 

Last update. I got a call from Rosalind’s school yesterday telling me she had a large splinter and the law says that the teachers can’t take it out. So I had to leave work for an hour or so to try and remove a splinter from her hand. Turns out, she’s not a fan. I’m going to be totally honest here and say I pawned it off on the first pediatrician parent to walk through the door. Isn’t it strange that the school can’t remove a splinter? 

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