2012 Parents of Year Award Goes To…

Us! Here’s why.

Rosalind rarely wakes up at night anymore, but when she does she is usually entirely confused and fairly inconsolable. More whiny than truly upset.  Sometimes we just pull her into our bed and try to take the lazy way out, but she doesn’t actually like to sleep with us. She flips and turns and jostles and kicks and talks to herself, and never goes back to sleep until one of us finally puts her back in her own bed. So two nights ago, she woke up pretty early in the night and I slept in her bed for about a half hour. Seemed to work. Then a few hours later, she woke up again and whined. And whined. So Sergio checked on her and put her back under the covers and came back to bed. She stayed awake. I went in and covered her back up and told her it was time to stop whining and go back to sleep. And then more whining. So Sergio went in and was very stern. This is a last ditch effort, but it usually works. No luck. I told him to give her some tylenol in case her congested nose was bothering her and then he brought her to our bed. Kicking, talking, jostling, etc. I took her back to bed and told her to go to sleep or…who knows the particular threat, I was asleep. I did have the fleeting thought that we had forgotten to turn her humidifier on, but never actually turned it back on. Since she finally went back to sleep on my last attempt, I didn’t think about it again. Until the next morning when Sergio and I figured out how much Rolo must really rely on the humidifier. 


She’s a nose-bleeder! (LIke her daddy)

This is valuable information moving forward. To make matters worse, when she saw the pillow she apologized for making a mess. So we felt about an inch tall. It’s safe to say that she got candy for breakfast and her humidifier turned as high as it would go at nap time. 

And just for something other than gore, here are some pictures of Rosalind helping with dishes (making a doll out of the dish brush) and playing in Dad’s vest. 


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