Since we know we’ll most likely stay in out tiny yellow rental cottage for a couple of years, we decided to take some action on our yard last weekend. This post would be LITERALLY 5 million times better if we had taken before pictures. How much does it bug you that I purposely used literally in the wrong way? Anyway, we didn’t take before pictures because we are dumb. Imagine, if you will, that the bigger bush climbed over the top of our house and also had a random weed tree growing in the middle of it. The hydrangea was taller and spindly and had lots of dead stalks and blooms. The planter box was hidden by weeds. The bed was filled with dead leaves and had no discernible border. We spent a couple hours trimming back limbs, clearing out dead brushy stuff, planting some mums and putting mulch down. We also encountered a snake during our rock moving adventure. Sadly, since he was brightly colored and pointy of head, and streaking toward our front door, he is no more. oh, we transferred a bunch of stones to make a border, and moved a forgotten pile of our landlords pavers to make a new walkway area. It may not look like much but if helped a ton. Sorry about the poor lighting in the pictures.









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