Happy Thanksgiving

Today we saw Fort Collins and Boulder. We went to Starbucks twice. We took it very easy at the hotel before dinner. We had Thanksgiving dinner at 1515 Resaurant. Now we are taking it very easy again due to full bellies. Most of our pictures today are just Rolo and me goofing off here and there. It turns out not cooking Thanksgiving dinner makes for a pretty chill day! Who knew? I hope it was as nice a day for everyone out there.

Oh! We soaked up the sun as much as we could.


Back In Denver

We said goodbye to Sergio’s parents this morning and drove back to Denver. We haven’t really had time to do anything here yet, but we’ll head out to dinner soon and then spend the next few days exploring and eating.

Here are links to everywhere we ate or hung out in Santa Fe or Albuquerque.

Cafe Castro: Hottest green chile of all of the meals. Sergio’s favorite.

Tia Sophia‘s: Yummy green chile covered breakfast.

The Pantry: I had “Christmas” chile here, and it turned out to be my favorite.

Tortilla Flats: We ended up here when the wait for La Choza was over an hour. We all loved the fluffy sopapillas.

Bosque Brewing: A beer flight and New Mexican poutine. Yum.

The French Pastry Shop and Restaurant: Lovely building and coffee and pastries.

Meow Wolf: Rosalind just sat here and called it amazing out of nowhere. Very big hit with her.

Sandia Peak Tramway: Great time! Glad we squeezed it in.

Sorry for the wayward grammar and formatting. Phone posting from a restaurant is a pain.

Two Types Of Fun

Sergio and I drove over to scout out Albuquerque today. We rode the Sandia Peak Tramway and did a quick 3 mile hike around the top. Then we drove some neighborhoods and had a brewpub lunch with green chile fries.

Rolo stayed behind with Granny and Pa in Santa Fe and they played at a very unique place called Meow Wolf. The pictures do a better job of describing that than I can.

One last view…


Can’t Talk Now

Too busy eating.

We got off the last plane, jumped into our rental car, and drove six hours down to Santa Fe. It wasn’t the best plan after pulling overnight flights, but it was worth it when we met up with these fine folks and drowned ourselves in green chile.

Enchiladas and grandparents. Somebody is pretty happy.

Broadening My Mind With Pinterest

These days, I read mostly food blogs. Food blogs are, not surprisingly, pretty focused on Thanksgiving recipes right now. I’ve noticed a disturbing trend with the dessert recipes on several of them. Chocolate.

You know what I don’t need in my pumpkin pie? Chocolate.

You know what is unwelcome in my sweet potato pie? Chocolate.

Do you know what is just overkill in pecan pie which is already rich and sweet and has enough happening? Chocolate.

But then…Pinterest opened on my phone screen and this was at the top.

And just when I thought my worldview was all set…pecan pie brownies.

I Feel Relaxed Already

We’re headed out of town Friday night on a fact finding vacation of sorts. We’ve always had a few places in mind as possibilities if we ever decide to relocate, but we’ve not spent much time in some of this places. Long story short, we found a great deal on air travel over Thanksgiving to Colorado. We’re going to drive down into New Mexico as well. November is the perfect month to take a break from Alaska, in my opinion. I’m looking most forward to the sunlight.

In the meantime, we are currently suffocating under our to do list before we can fly out Friday night.

  • Clean the house to petsitter standards (sheets, floors, bathrooms)
  • Do enough laundry for ourselves
  • Pack
  • Do laundry to leave behind for the petsitter
  • Clean out the fridge
  • Shop for and stock the shelves with petsitter specific food
  • Post everyday
  • Try to maintain any sort of word count per day even though I’m now so far behind that I probably can’t meet the real goal anymore
  • Stay caught up on the YA novel I am reading with some of my lit circle groups because I can’t ask them to be prepared if I’m not
  • Piano lessons, swim team, Girl Scouts (my turn to take snack this week), swim team again
  • Check in to our flights early
  • Don’t forget to take out the trash Friday morning
  • Write out a medication schedule for Eliot
  • Write sub plans
  • To be continued…

I did not write that out to entertain you…clearly. I just decided I could kill two birds with one stone by typing out the to do list I was going to write out on paper anyway and call it my post for the day. Sorry about that.